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Welcome to Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems


At Ikhaya Futurehouse (IFHS) our thermally insulating, wall and slab building panels are not only great for the environment but extremely easy to use. It makes buildings more sustainable due to its insulating properties, for example less heating and cooling. It keeps cool in the summer but warm in the winter. Our thermally insulated wall panel has very little maintenance costs but has the look of concrete. Yet it is cost competitive with brick and mortar.


With new SANS 204 and 10400-XA legislation, South Africans will be forced to meet certain energy efficiency and environmental requirements. The IFHS building system is fully compliant with this new legislation. All Futurehouse materials are sourced in South Africa and our manufacturing is done entirely in South Africa.



IFHS Eco Friendly, sustainable, saving building time, saving energy expenditure and making buildings more comfortable to live in.




We offer a complete range of products and services that complement our walling system. Products that include under floor insulation, suspended floor and roof slabs, insulated ceilings and plastering and finishing systems as well as double-glazed window and door systems. Services include on-site training, engineering and construction consultancy.

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Eco Friendly or (Green Building) means to build in such a way that it does not place a burden on the environment, and conserves resources.Thus it stands to reason that a Green Build contributes towards human health and better living.

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