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Skimplast is water based acrylic plaster solution to which plaster sand is added to make a flexible, impact resistant, maintenance free, natural looking, thin finish plaster coat.


Skimplast takes on the colour of the plaster sand used but can also be pigmented to increase the colour options.


Skimplast is mixed one part resin to three parts plaster sand with water added to get the right plaster consistency. Normal Skimplast thickness ranges between 2-3mm.


Skimplast benefits:


• Using earth coloured plaster sand gives natural look to buildings.


• Resin imparts increased flexibility and impact resistance to wall finish.


• Colour range can be increased using Futurehouse pigment pastes in combination with silica and coloured sands


• Fills and hides cracks in conventional plaster.


• Eliminates the need to paint.


• Provides maintenance free finish as colour is locked into the plaster and Skimplast is 2-3mm thick as opposed to paint which is microns thick.


• Walls remain breathable.


• Is non toxic and safe to use.

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