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The Futurehouse walling system is made of a pre-fabricated panel with a high density, expanded polystyrene core encapsulated in high tensile steel galvanised wire mesh.


Panels are supplied in standard sizes; 1.2m wide x 2.5, 2.75 and 3m height. Custom heights can be made to order up to a maximum of 6m height / length. 


Panel core EPS thickness variants of 40, 60, 80 and 100mm depending on insulation requirement. These sizes are to suit standard wall heights, different wall functions and cost requirements. 


System benefits:

  • Thermally insulating and energy saving.

  • Meets regulated energy efficiency building codes. 

  • Quick and easy to build even with unskilled labour.

  • Building speed >10 times that of brick and block achievable.

  • Structural integrity - creates a monolithic building shell tied together and fully reinforced.

  • Suitable for high wind and earthquake zones.

  • Sound and water resistant.

  • Look, sound and feel of a concrete or plastered brick wall.

  • Cost effective and easy to transport without damage.

  • Material cost competitive with other walling systems but when factor the speed of building and reduced ongoing energy costs Futurehouse will save money.

  • Ideal for all types of building - residential, renovations, industrial, multi storey commercial, perimeter/security walls and agricultural.

















Construction Method

Futurehouse walls are constructed by placing the panels in a grid of starter bars drilled in the foundations, wire tied together, braced and then conventionally plastered. 


Structural plaster thickness for structural panels is 20mm above the mesh. 


Windows and doors openings are cut out and these off-cuts are reused in the building.


Electrical and plumbing conducting is run behind the wire mesh before plastering. Any type of electrical or plumbing materials can be used with the panels. 


Roof trusses are either placed directly onto the plastered panels and tied to the wire mesh or alternatively fixed to a wall plate or concrete ring beam. Any roof system can be used with the panels.




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